Part of Modern Love

Guilty Landscapes / episode IV

Dries Verhoeven

2016 – Video installation, duration ca. 8 minutes

Dries Verhoeven’s work explores the edge between theatre and visual arts. His projects challenge the relationships between spectators, performers, art and everyday reality. In the video installation Guilty Landscapes/episode IV, Verhoeven examines the relationship between an Asian online sex worker and the spectator.

With the Internet becoming increasingly fast and reliable, sex workers from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand capitalise on the Western need for intimacy. Men and women from these tourist areas are finding a new mode of living in the webcam sex. Following other industries, also this satisfaction of needs is now outsourced to the global south. At the other side of the screen, potentially dubious practices are pouring into Western laptops. Can we relate to these men and women on an equal footing, or does our presumed power position prevent us from doing so?

The video installation is on display at Centraal Museum from 3 – 7 November and is intended for one visitor at a time. 


Photo: Ohm Phanpiroj


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