Part of Modern Love

I You Me We Us

Margaret Salmon

(United Kingdom)
2018 – Video installation – duration 16 minutes 


Margaret Salmon’s filmic work adapts techniques drawn from cinematic movements such as Cinema Vérité, Italian Neo-Realism and the European avant-garde. I You Me We Us captures the minutiae of the everyday human experience, infusing it with a sense of poignancy, poetry, subtle grandeur, lyricism and abstraction. Might it be possible for film to transcribe something as ephemeral as human warmth? Affection? Presence, trust and submission? What about love? Can film bear witness to love? Express love? How can a lens invoke these very personal subjective experiences?  In this work, hands of family members and lovers make gestures, play, move, touch and write small notes, interspersed with depictions of plants and flowers held under coloured lights. The film features close-up shots that focus on the intimacy of showing affection with our touch. It portrays visual representations of warmth, empathy, care, kinship and growth. Salmon’s work is a poignant reminder of the most important component of love, affection, care and kinship: human presence and interaction. 


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