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Mahmoud Khaled

2003-2007 – Online Research Project – Installation, Book


Mahmoud Khaled’s multidisciplinary practice explores the areas between the personal and the political, with a special focus on male identity in the Arabic world. In a world increasingly shaped and experienced through mediated and virtual exchanges, Khaled’s work examines the boundaries between what is hidden, disguised or staged. MKMAEL Stories – An Image Passionate is an installation with books based on a reinterpretation of Egypt’s popular 1970s romance fiction pocket paperbacks ‘Abeer’. MKMAEL was the online name Khaled used for this project, and in the resulting book on display in the exhibition, the artist has blurred facts retrieved from the chat archive with fictionist narration to create a gay romance story written in the digital age.

Courtesy of the artist & Gypsum Gallery, Kairo


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