Part of Modern Love

Persistence of Memory

Laura Cemin

2020 – Installation 


Persistence of Memory is a new installation made especially for the Modern Love exhibition. It takes the form of a kit of gadgets, beauty products and other objects that are placed in close contact with the body to warm it, such as a sauna suit, hand warmers, a heated blanket, hot-water bottles, sweat belts and skin-warming cream. Cemin is interested in the effects of these heat-inducing products, and what they do to our bodies. The tools may be familiar but the way they are used is slightly twisted, as can be seen in the ‘how-to’ video 4-Minute Warm Up, which offers a routine on how to cope with the fake intimacies and loneliness of our individualistic world. While highlighting the importance of physical warmth and proximity, Persistence of Memory is also a critique of consumerist society in the digital age, which rests on the fake promise that relationships can be formed at the click of a button, or be resolved by buying things, rather than trying to build on them, work on them or fix them. 


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