Part of Modern Love

The Perfect Love: #couplegoals

Kyriaki Goni

2020 – Video, loop – duration 63 minutes 45 seconds


Kyriaki Goni’s work explores the relationship between technology and society, investigating the power of information, the construction of the digital self, human-machine interaction and alternative digital networks. The Perfect Love: #couplegoals looks at the ways love and affection are expressed online, specifically on Instagram. This new video is composed of images the artist scraped from Instagram using an algorithm that searched for the hashtag #couplegoals, as well as ‘likes’ and captions. As viewers we become voyeurs observing couples who voluntarily relinquish their privacy – we can see their selfies and read their intimate messages declaring their love and devotion. The work unfolds as an incessant flow of images of couples, commenting on our everyday use of social media – observing the lives of others online has become addictive for some of us. Accompanying the visuals is an extended narrative voiceover based on the captions, which form an autonomous ‘script’ and provide a detailed insight into a global phenomenon that feeds on followers and likes.


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