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The Portal or Let's Stand Still for the Whales

Kyriaki Goni

2020 – Video – duration 3 minutes 36 seconds


The Portal or Let’s Stand Still for the Whales ponders the question of intimacy in the time of a pandemic. In voiceover, the narrator follows two timelines: the struggle of humanity to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic and the thriving of other ecosystems due to the slowdown in human activity in the same period. Addressing an imaginary, future inhabitant of planet Earth, the speaker reveals the intensity of the environmental crisis – actually a humanitarian crisis – and the urgent need to take action. The work also touches on the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, with the massive changes affecting human labour and communications, and the issues raised by biometric surveillance.

Recherche, Original text, Voice over, 3D-Animation: Kyriaki Goni
Sound: Walgesänge vom Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, CA/ USA


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