1 November 2013

Location: Theater Kikker

One of capitalism’s undeniable talents is to commodify and mainstream any anti-capitalist underground movement. Nowhere is this so annoyingly obvious as in music and fashion. But isn’t that part and parcel of it all? Who are pop history’s biggest sell outs? Which genres survived without Top 40 hits? Does capitalism represent musical development’s salvation or its demise? Because music is more than just listening to tunes, three experts from various backgrounds will engage in a contextual music shoot-out DJ Battle, filled with of music clips and statements about music and capitalism.

Visuals by Maxmana.

Marek Korczynski (UK) is an expert on the socio-economic development of labour. He has studied the peculiarities of work, from humour to violence and the development of capitalism in relation to the role of music.

For Michael Lampe, a.k.a. DJ Fellow, there’s no other way than to combine the countless outskirts of global bass with different international rythms. Influenced by his Aruban descent, he makes little distinction between mainstream tunes and underground, between carnival instruments or analogue synths.

Blodfet & DJ Lonely is a one headed musical duo by audiovisual artist Jonas Ohlsson (SE). DJ Lonely brings in sleazy, commercial pop while Blodfet represents the less pleasing underground noise and psychedelic concrete poetry.

**Free entrance for Subbacultcha! members for the Music Programme**

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