Footwork Freak Out

Hidden Riddims part 2:

The Chicago Footwork movement brings us a barrage of clicks, breaks and samples melting into simultaneous rhythms based on crunk and ghettotech. The leading label for electronic music Planet Mu and influential producers from the bass culture all agree: footwork is the new black.

Dj Rashad (USA)
Main exponent of the Chicago juke/ footwork movement. Deep bass sounds, bouncing rhythms and pitched up vocals from R&B hits are the ingredients for a kind of dance music holding the middle between spasms and break dance. Meanwhile, Rashad’s beats have spread far beyond the Chicago scene and hit the European mainland like a bombshell.

Dj Spinn (USA)
A footwork pioneer who started in the mid ’90s as a dancer with the House-O-Matics’ crew before he became known as a producer. Dj Spinn and Dj Rashad have joined forces before on several joint record releases.

Krampfhaft (NL)
On his freshly-baked Makin’ Magic EP, Utrecht resident Krampfhaft’s craftmanship really comes to light as he blends laser-guided footwork destruction and megalomaniac synth eruptions into hyper-focus beats.

Astroposer (NL)
Started producing at the age of 13, this young producer ended up bringing an addictive hodgepodge of idm, techno, hiphop, glitchhop, juke and all in between.

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