Opening IMPAKT Festival 2023

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1 November 2023
20:00 — 21:00

Location: Het Huis Main Stage
(doors open at 19:15)

The IMPAKT Festival 2023 will be opened on 1 November in Het Huis Utrecht by Alexandra van Huffelen, Minister for Digitalisation. In a short speech and subsequent interview, the Minister will discuss her vision on how governments can contribute to improving our digital rights and how governments themselves should deal with new technologies. After this, the guest curators of the IMPAKT Festival and a number of artists and speakers will talk about their work. 

The central premise of the IMPAKT Festival 2023 is that we must bring together artists, politicians, scientists, activists and policymakers to discuss how we can improve our digital rights and how politics can contribute to this with better legislation. We are therefore very pleased that Minister Alexandra van Huffelen will kick off this dialogue on the opening evening of the festival.

Tickets for the opening are available here

The program in Het Huis is the second part of the opening program of the IMPAKT Festival 2023. The first part of the opening program consists of the opening of the two festival exhibitions by Eva Oosters, Deputy for Culture of the Municipality of Utrecht.

Read more about the exhibitions


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