Panel Discussion

FAIR TECH FUTURES & Digitaal Stembusakkoord

Politicians of all colors talk about technology and digital rights Programme in Dutch

4 November 2023
19:00 — 20:45

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

This Programme is in Dutch. Read more about the programme in Dutch here

With a general election coming up on 22 November in the Netherlands, the IMPAKT Festival 2023 invites Dutch politicians to discuss the most urgent issues relating to our digital rights. Politicians are the ones who should be developing better legislation that forces online platforms to be more ethical. It is their job to make sure our data is protected and that tech corporations operate on our terms. And when it comes to the way governments themselves use digital technologies, our politicians should prioritise the interests of the people over efficiency. In this panel we invite politicians to state their position in clear terms and nail their colours to the mast. We ask them: “How are you going to ensure our digital future is fair and inclusive?” 


Fair Tech Futures

Participants: Lisa van Ginneken (D66), Marieke Koekkoek (Volt), Renske Leijten (SP) Hawre Rahimi (VVD) and Jesse Six Dijkstra (NSC).
Moderated by: Hasna El Maroudi 

Renske Leijten (former MP for the Socialist Party, SP) played an important role in bringing the Dutch childcare benefits scandal to the fore. She believes the Dutch government has gone too far in allowing the use of algorithms and favours an at least temporary halt. But is this realistic? MP for the D66 party Lisa van Ginneken has a background in IT and was the first transgender member of the Dutch parliament. Her party is regarded as generally tech-positive. But has the Dutch government been too benevolent towards large technology companies? Shouldn’t we be more firm in setting conditions for the way they operate? Hawre Rahimi fled from Iran to the Netherlands with his parents as a child. He is an entrepreneur and MP for the conservative-liberal VVD. What does he think about the influence of social media on the public debate and the interference of foreign powers? Marieke Koekkoek is an MP for Volt, perhaps the most pro-European party in the Dutch parliament. Where does she stand on the role of the EU when it comes to guaranteeing our European rights? 


Digitaal Stembusakkoord

A coalition of six Dutch civil society organisations will present a ballot box agreement on Digital Affairs aimed at protecting human rights, democracy and the rule of law online. Politicians from various parties will sign it.

With: Sander van der Waal (Waag), Evelyn Austin (Bits of Freedom), Tim Vos-Goedhart (Open State Foundation), Marco Sluijter (Amnesty International), Jelle van der Ster (SETUP) and Geert-Jan Bogaerts (Public Spaces).

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