Panel Discussion

Radical Network of Change

30 October 2020
11:00 — 12:00

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Panel discussion //

With: Zohra Moosa, Matthea de Jong and Selçuk Balamir.
Moderated by Lynn Zebeda.

It is about time that we emphasise the importance of collective action. The climate crisis is complex and frightening and can lead to feelings of helplessness and frustration. At the same time, the alarming prospects also cause groups all around the world to mobilise and take to the streets to demonstrate. If COVID-19 has proven anything of value, it is that radical intervention is possible if we recognize the urgency. If we want to survive as a species, we must work together and restore the values that make us human. How can we transform our feelings into real action? How can we unite, with all our individual and collective doubts, desires and concerns, towards sustainability and justice? In the panel Radical Network of Change we address these questions with Zohra Moosa, Matthea de Jong and Selçuk Balamir. 

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