Panel Discussion

The Anonymity Dilemma 2: Information Warfare

Curated by Emily Hsiang Yun Huang

3 November 2023
12:00 — 13:15

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Let’s explore the complexity of online anonymity. If we want a safe online space for open critical discussions and political activism, we need the right to be anonymous. But anonymity is a double-edged sword: digital platforms that enable anonymous freedom of expression can also facilitate harassment, exploitation and the spread of disinformation. In two panel discussions The Anonymity Dilemma will reassess the value of online anonymity. 

Participants: Puma Shen (TW), Kris Petrasova (RU), Hind Dekker-Abdulaziz (NL/IQ)
Moderated by: Marc Tuters (USA)

In this discussion, we will use the lenses of cross-platform analysis, political activism and policy-making to offer insights into information warfare. Panellist Puma Shen (National Taipei University) is a researcher specialising in models of disinformation patterns, with a focus on Southeast Asia and Chinese information operations in Taiwan and the US. Kris Petrasova (Free Russia NL) will share her knowledge in information warfare between Russia and Ukraine such as various propaganda strategies and increasing surveillance in journalism and activism. Hind Dekker-Abdulaziz, member of the Dutch parliament for D66, will provide valuable perspectives on the regulatory landscape and policy development related to digital platforms and disinformation challenges. Researcher Marc Tuters (University of Amsterdam UvA) will moderate the event and offer insights on post-truth narrative, conspiracism, and networked participation in Europe and the US. The discussion will tackle the roles of cyber armies, internet trolls and anonymity in information warfare, as well as the ethical dilemmas surrounding platform regulations that reflect the conflict between freedom of speech and the need to address disinformation. 


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