Panel Discussion

Utrecht International Sustainability Game Jam Showcase

29 October 2020
13:15 — 14:15

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Showcase //

The IMPAKT Festival invites the organizers and makers of the Sustainability Game Jam to share their takeaways from three years of game jamming and present their most notable projects.

In recent years making games has become more and more accessible. Democratising the ability to make games allows amateur creators to critically engage with rules of a system, test their impact, and learn how to tweak them for social change. In its third year now, Utrecht International Sustainability Game Jam facilitates young makers to create their own experiments and draw the public’s attention to what is going on in the world, open new ways of engagement with the climate crisis, and present their understanding of a sustainable society.

In March, students from the Utrecht University and the Utrecht University of the Arts came together in multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively tackle issues connected to climate change. After a period of intense designing and testing, the projects were presented in a competition and made available online to the public. During the festival they will showcase the results.

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