Panel Discussion


Meet the people that made a difference

2 November 2023
19:00 — 20:15

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

In this panel several whistleblowers share their stories on how they revealed misconduct and injustices in the tech industry. Their experiences will show us what it means to stand up against unjust, unfair and opaque practices; against the power of Big Tech and the unethical use of digital technologies. Many whistleblowers face serious repercussions for their actions. How were their stories received and what actions were taken against them? What effects did their revelations have? And what still needs to happen to achieve structural change? We are offering a platform to whistleblowers because their stories can inspire us. 


Participants: Thomas Le Bonniec (FR), Daniel Motaung (ZA) and Foxglove (UK)

Daniel Motaung used to work for a Facebook subcontractor, where he brought to light the poor working conditions of content moderators. When he and his colleagues attempted to organise a strike they were fired, and he has now started a lawsuit against Facebook/Meta. Thomas Le Bonniec revealed that Apple was using its voice assistant Siri to record private conversations between people who were not aware this was happening. In his work for an Apple subcontractor, Le Bonniec had to check transcriptions of private conversations, some of which concerned illness, relationships and other very personal issues. Foxglove is a British organisation that supports whistleblowers in the tech industry. In this panel, Foxglove will tell us about their mission, recent cases in which they were involved and urgent issues they feel need more attention. 


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