Panel Discussion

Zero Footprint Zero Change

31 October 2020
15:30 — 16:30

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Panel Discussion //

As individuals and consumers we are constantly asked to make choices to minimise our ecological footprint. But what does making green choices really mean for our planet? The term ‘carbon footprint’ was used and popularized in smart PR campaigns of oil multinational BP. These campaigns are placing the responsibility on the individual rather than on the polluting industry. All around us we are misled by ‘greenwashing’: organisations and products presented as being cleaner than they actually are. While many businesses do invest in sustainability, the ten most polluting Dutch businesses are still emitting three times more CO2 than all the country’s households put together. To reduce the concept of ‘sustainability’ to ethical consumption implies that green choices can only be achieved by a wealthy ‘eco-elite’, and this will not help solve the social and political problems associated with the climate crisis. How can we learn to recognise greenwashing and ensure that our actions lead to structural change? In the panel Zero Footprint Zero Change we address these questions with Shivant Jhagroe, Alexis Shotwell and Melle Smets.

Photo by Frank Koolen @franklkoolen

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