In her documentary All We Ever Wanted, Sarah Mathilde Domogala portrayed the downside of being young, creative and talented in a phenomenal manner. Currently, she is working on a book based on this documentary.
Over the years, the distorted, playful and brutal animations of David O’Reilly have made many fans. His recent work The External World gives us a new insight into his remarkable universe.
Tom Hankins, Roy Nieterau, Gijs van Kooten and Guido Puijk became known worldwide with their Utrecht School of Arts graduation film Mac ‘n’ Cheese. A rolling and tumbling short animation about a guy on the run from an angry giant. In Scale Tale artist Sagi Groner builds miniscule replicas of locations based on the typical videogame-like images taken from bombers. Monuments of contemporary so-called ‘soft targets’. The installations of Zoro Feigl are pumping, blowing, sweating, and boisterous next to having a savagely obscene power hidden behind the surface. Feigl introduces us to the secrets from his laboratory.
Kevin Boitelle & Sander van Driel aka Opslaan Als directed the new video ‘Gustav’ of the Utrecht-based rapper Mr. Polska, a black and bitter retrospective of a failed life.
Artist Rory Pilgrim dares to touch upon the great questions of these times such as global citizenship and the accompanying responsibilities in performances that vary from working with choirs, brass bands and discussion groups for the elderly.

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