Breaking Bad


In his film Mijn inbreker en ik/My burglar and I, Kaweh Modiri seeks the confrontation with the thief of his laptop by turning him into the main character of his film.
This Panorama Event Night features the premiere of the best application from the A Hack a Day… sweatshop by Stichting Dat Zou Jij Wel Willen Weten. Foundation as chosen by the public.

For everyone born after 1986: there was a time in the prehistory of the Internet when you could claim your own digital spot on GeoCities. In 2009, all of these sites disappeared when Yahoo! decided to make a clean sweep. Information designer Richard Vijgen revives those good old GeoCities days with his interactive installation The Deleted City.

Design agency Hey Hey Hey called Melvin the Machine into being. A Rube Goldberg machine with its own identity and viral marketing potential.
Geoff Lillemon of Oculart/Champagne Valentine is known for his controversial, capriciously stylish visual language used in his (interactive) video clips for Placebo and others.

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