17 October 2009

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
Hall 2

OK. Video – Jakarta International Video Festival is a biannual video festival held in Indonesia since 2003. It is organized by the artist initiative Ruangrupa. The festival comprises an exhibition, workshops, collaborations, special presentations, discussions, and artists’ talks focusing on specific themes.

In 2003, OK. Video was held in the National Gallery of Indonesia and featured an exhibition of 60 video works by 56 artists from 19 countries. In 2005, the thematic Sub-Version exhibition presented video works from 17 countries. In the third edition of the festival (2007), the theme was ‘Militia’ and the festival included a series of video workshops in 12 Indonesian cities and many video screenings in public spaces in Jakarta. In 2009, the festival took ‘Comedy’ as its main theme. Ade Darmawan and Reza Afisina of OK. Video will introduce the Ruangrupa collective and present highlights from the OK. Video Festival. The program includes:

Long Gone Republic – Jompet
Indonesia, 2000, video, 03:24 min
This song brings a patriotic memory that comes up at the commemoration of the anniversary of the independence. The ‘mouse’ is the incoming reality that is cultivated by facing his era.

Halte VS Stampbox – Ari Satria Darma
Indonesia, 2003, video, 02:00 min
We are brought to observe the inside of the kiosk in detail, which actually represents a small part of the more complex problems in Jakarta.

Just do it – Andry Mohamed
Indonesia, 2005, video
This video is a re-piracy of pirated products and brands of this country of piracy and also a piracy of the father of China’s industrial revolution Mao Zhedong through Nike’s ideology “Just do it (for piracy)”.

Sssshh.. – Dita Gambiro
Indonesia, 2007, video, 04:00 min
This video uses the concept of washing hands and the differences in meaning for both children and adults.

Gemah Sampah: Lho Kok Malah Numpuk? – Y Sukarya
Indonesia, 2007, video, 09:50 min
This video is an insinuation for the Province of West Java’s slogan: Gema Ripah Loh Jinawi (prosperous and peaceful land). Garbage is the source of problems in this video.

Segara Setu Patok – Teddy Abeng
Indonesia, 2007, video, 07:00 min
A video music about Situ Patok, the forgotten lake. This video captures the interaction of people and the lake.

Sleeping matter – Ahmad Nursalim
Indonesia, 2009, video, 04:05 min
When we sleep, we may, without realizing it, adopt weird postures, causing the laughter from others.

Bercerobong – Eko Nugroho
Indonesia, 2002, video, 05:11 min
This animation deals with the change of the political agenda that took place in Indonesia after the downfall of the Soeharto regime. Like chameleons politicians, army officials, governmental officers, religious teachers, and others quickly changed their attitudes, ways of speaking, and actions.

From 10 October to 16 October ruangrupa
in collaboration with Casco organizes the ‘ruangrupa huis’ and related events with the objective of challenging the idea of (cultural) exchange. For more information, please visit: www. The activities by Ruangrupa in Utrecht are part of the exhibition ‘Beyond the Dutch’ organized by and at Centraal Museum.

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