Let’s Get Physical


In Big Day, Norwegian film maker Emil Trier shows us the highs and lows of a bunch of Scandinavian school girls gone wild on their way to a big party. He’ll present his triptych on Norwegian youth culture.
For Casco, artist Maria Pask and cultural anthropologist Nazima Kadir made a hilarious sitcom about a fictitious commune from the squatters’ movement.
Massoud Hassani, born in Afghanistan, took the children’s toys from his youth as the basis for the Mine Kafon, a wind propelled ball functioning as a minesweeper.
Video/performance collective Authentic Boys consists of Johannes Dullin, Boris van Hoof, Gregory Stauffer and Aaike Stuart. Their film Threesome poses the big question of today, to wit, does pornography fulfill our need for physical contact.
Niek Pulles moves between film, fashion and design. As art director, he used stylish special effects to lend a bizarre twist to the story of Adam and Eve in the new clip of dubstep icon SKREAM.

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