2 November 2013

Location: Theater Kikker

Event #2 Make It Happen: Do It Yourself

The higher meaning of art and art speak are dealt with in a transcendental manner by Slideshow Johnny as a Spiritual Medium. Martin Skauen and his illustrious alter ego will heighten our awareness of the fickle ties between artists and their audience.

In Form As We Know It a couple valiantly tries to master ballroom dancing, shot in their living room. They are the filmmaker Gerwin Luijendijk’s parents.

In Wendy Oakes‘ Dreamking the main character Ronald’s life revolves around his dreams of being a 17th-century nobleman. When he gets the chance, he rents a castle to meticulously enact this fantasy in full period costume. But as is the case at any court, intrigue lurks.

If international, analog pirate noise radio existed, it would’ve been invented by DIY Church. Focusing on experimental music and broadcasting, DJ ShluchT (Markus Stein) created a radio platform and social network tool for different purposes and subcultures. DIY Church’s recurrent partner in crime is Das Andere Selbst (Elia Buletti), a label investigating the physical and mental aspects of music by creating residencies and platforms outside of the common conventions of music production. In this event they will demonstrate a broadcast presentation.

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