Panorama 3

17 October 2009
Location: Moira
15 October 2009
Location: Moira

Having a body is not always easy. The body often is a battle scene of romances, exotic parasites, obscure sexuality and uncertainty. This programme therefore offers useful lessons of life for the future: at last we see the true face of excrements, horse sperm as elixir for eternal beauty, the world-wide lament of adolescents and the recipe for invisibleness.

Naufrage – Clorinde Durand
France, 2008, video, 07:00 min
Naufrage lists fears: the narration stops
at the frozen instant. But Naufrage relates something. What is it talking about ? We don’t know… perhaps an accident, a depression, an explosion? This scene might be the summit of a catastrophic scenario: the moment of physical emotion. However, nothing in the sequence of events tries to explain this state of things.

Kassandra – Johanna Reich
Germany, 2008, video, 04:00 min
Onto a female face one can see excerpts from Fritz Lang’s silent film Doctor Mabuse, which like no other came to stand for the aura of its time. Lang’s Mabuse, similarly to Cassandra’s warning about the Trojan Horse, was interpreted as the prophecy of a dicta- tor like Adolf Hitler. Holes are now cut into the projection enclosing the female head. The cutting of holes through the projection, through the fabric, through the various levels down to the naked face, uncovers the many layers of narrative, the superimposed histori- cal seams. It is a gesture that requires us to continually reposition our own seeing.

Beautiful – Camille Verbunt
The Netherlands, 2008, video, 04:32 min
This film is part of a series of mosaic-films that unite many individual and private, yet published experiences into a single frame, a collective experience. This reveals a syn- chronicity in seemingly unique home videos posted on the Internet. The mimicking of other Internet videos is more than the desire to share a personal thrill. Through publishing one becomes part of a larger movement. The repetition of action and design within this group in turn propels new contributions with small alterations. These so called ‘memes’ (units of cultural transmission or imitation) make up the evolutionary DNA of the internet. Slow memetic changes in degrees of openness and social behavior are already detectable. This video explores adolescent sentiments on beauty.

Line – Johanna Reich
Germany, 2008, video, 02:20 min
In the video Line, a high-resolution digital camera reaches its limits. A person dressed in black paints a black line on a wall. As a re- sult of lighting conditions, the camera cannot differentiate between the black of the person and the black background. Artist and art fuse, the person seems to disappear in front of the camera. In a day and age where cam- eras observe us every minute, Line seems to be a humorous way to escape surveillance. DLP video projectors often used in recent cinemas reproduce black while sending no light. The black parts of the video turn off the light of the projector – a vanishing image.

Everybody – Steve Reinke
USA, 2009, video, 04:00 min
This short fable depicts how animals suffer from the exact same interpersonal everyday struggles as we humans do. As an example a snippet from the conversation between a deer and a rabbit:
“RABBIT: And your ass is like a peach, like a peach ass.
DEER W/ UNICORN HORN: Stop staring all of you. There won’t be enough room for you to climb in; I am too small in the necessary spaces.”
Steve Reinke developed Everybody together with Jessie Mott, who made the drawings and the script for this video.

Adressen Unmöglicher Orte – Yves Netzhammer
Switzerland, 2009, video, 22:00 min
In this new work by Yves Netzhammer, he further explores the poetics of his computer animated aesthetic. Netzhammer juxta- poses the apparent serenity of his digitally rendered characters to sentiments of love and hostility in beautiful uncanny micro- narratives.

West Project – Erkka Nissinen
The Netherlands, 2008, video, 16:22 min
A failed opening ceremony of a desperate cultural development project in a subversive mise-en-scène where social order has ceased to exist. Location of the action: both the great outdoors and the deep inside the uncanny spaces in our bowels where parasites overrule any existing form of social order.

“S”-Yuri A
Switzerland, 2008, video, 12:20 min
Cakes in general only evoke good feelings, while farts, some of the most common substances around, shock, repel and offend. But the consequence of a culinary dish is always a fart. It cannot be repressed. This will be shown in the film “S” sparking new realisations and forcing the audience to acknowledge ignored sections of society
and to modify accepted values. This is a true creation of the underground. Nobody ever stamped an official stamp of approval on this film. No market research, no demographic segmentation, nothing but imagination and attitude. 100% analogue. Yuri A’s film is like life; short and shitty.

Plus Travailler – Yves-Marie Mahé
France, 2008, video, 01:45 min
Plus Travailler demands a closer look at our work ethics. In the setting of folkloristic music the viewer is gradually confronted with an explicit advice to our hard working citizens: “Travailler plus pour se fair baisser plus!”

Chirpy Returns – John Goras
USA, 2007, video, 08:00 min
It took 7 years for John Goras to create the now already legendary follow-up to his short sex-romp bird, Chirpy. In this revolting sequel to her initial love story, Chirpy and XL lover Stud sadly break up. While Chirpy flourishes, Stud is enslaved by his special gift from na- ture. Will they ever be together again?

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