31 October 2013

Location: Theater Kikker

Screening #2 (Un)bodily behaviour

Alongside a concrete ‘user manual’, the human body also knows fickleness. From hormonal issues and fears to annoying complaints; the inadequacy of our bodies isn’t always easily expressed and is often a figment of the mind.

Der Fremde Fotograf und Die Einsamkeit, Willy Hans (Germany 2012 | 05:21 min)
Thierry asks Isabelle for directions and a date. She agrees. A deliciously painful boy meets girl, without language barriers.

The Invisible World, Jesse McLean (USA 2012 | 20:15 min)
Mysteries such as hoarding, the emotional value of objects and the human capacity to adapt are illuminated using home videos, old Sci-Fi films, stylised photographs and online videos.

The White Coat Phenomenon, Kristin Reeves (USA 2012 | 02:50 min)
The human body often harbours dark secrets. Clinical and psychological methods to discover these vary, in this compilation of found VHS footage and audio from a sexual IQ test.

Refusnik, Butler Brothers, John Butler (UK 2013 | 08:00 min)
An infomercial about the latest technological developments which can compensate for man’s inadequacy.

Return To The World of Dance, Dan Boord (USA 2011 | 07:00 min)
An instructional video for everyone who loves dance, but is confused by the postmodern condition. An ode to Fernand Léger’s choreography Ballet Mécanique (1924) in a series revolving around the question: “If it is big, if it is orange and if it is ugly  – is it contemporary art?”.

Uncertainty Seminars, Andrew Norman Wilson (USA 2013 | 11:55 min)
A series of therapeutic self-help techniques suggested in an abstract manner. Historic references to psychoanalysis, avant-garde cinema and video art conflate, bullet point wise, with contemporary ideas on personal, professional and intimate insecurities.

Restless Leg Saga, Shana Moulton (USA 2012 | 07:24 min)
The pharmaceutical industry’s marketing machines differ little from New Age-like self- help methods. A new saga by Shana Moulton featuring her fictive alter ego.

Mother, Martin Skauen (Germany 2012 | 03:00 min)
Somewhere between beat poetry and comedy ‘Slideshow Johnny’ can be found: a darkly surreal portrait of an experimental outsider artist. Driven by his personal issues, Johnny expresses his ultimate Oedipal complex.

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