31 October 2013

Location: Theater Kikker

Event #1 Virtual Abstraction

Aline Baggio studies the origins of capitalism in the Netherlands. For Blacked Thursday she filmed the Amsterdam stock exchange building, the Beurs van Berlage. She wasn’t allowed to use the footage, but devised a stylistic solution. This typifies the image consciousness, controlling nature and intransparency of financial institutions.

Originally based on a study into intangible movements in capitalism and philosophy, Dagmar Schürrer became increasingly fascinated by the concept of abstraction. The fragmented image and text collage IMAGINE: [ABSTRACTION NO1] also features technology, science fiction and internet clips.

In Henrike Naumann’s Triangular Stories it is the year 1992. Two VHS tapes, here shown on the same screen, were recorded on the same date. The life of three teens in Germany seems familiar, but the more painful setting of their story slowly reveals itself in the videos.

Jonas Lund works on the boundaries of art and the internet. How do you gain control of everyday virtual reality? To this end, he developed the interactive web browser We See In Every Direction, which simultaneously synchronises the cursors of thousands of people around the world and used this to hold the first Official International Surfparty, last May. He has also developed Paint Your Pizza, a website which allows you to draw the ingredients you want on the pizza you are about to order. Reality is where the pizza delivery guy comes from.

In Eyes on the Moon by Jill Kennedy we follow a rocket, a panda’s head and inflatable balls from here into space.

Cultural scientist Melvin Wevers, in his YouTube Anthology: Virtual Plaza gives insight into the not so random use of commercial internet aesthetics and stock images in music videos. What is that about?

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