You Are Here

Daniel Cockburn #2

You Are Here is a Borgesian fantasy composed of multiple worlds, circling and weaving around each other in always unexpected ways. At the centre of this narrative labyrinth is a reclusive woman (Tracy Wright) who searches for meaning in the mysterious documents that keep appearing to her. Her investigation begins when she finds a tape recording of a man giving a bizarre lecture: calming and sinister at the same time, he instructs how to “get where you need to go”.

Is this a random find, or a message to her? Another strange document presents itself, and another… Swiftly her home becomes an archive brimming with enigmatic texts, images and sounds. She forms deep connections with the people contained in these documents – the Lecturer, a Prisoner, an Inventor – each of them, like her, struggling with the unknowable laws of their own worlds. But the organized becomes the organizer when her meticulous system turns on her; the archive is a trickster threatening to pull her mind apart. As realities collapse and intersect around her, she must make a final choice: is she a free agent, or just a tool of the archive? More information at:

“Inventive and multi-layered , You Are Here is a brilliantly organized first feature full of philosophical ideas and tremendous energy.” – Atom Egoyan

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