You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages, All Different

Daniel Cockburn #1

Daniel Cockburn plays at the intersection of avant-garde and narrative cinema. Bringing together innovative storytelling strategies with structuralist experimentation, he breaks open day-to-day reality to reveal the strange codes beneath. Self-reflexive to the point of neurosis, Cockburn is fascinated with how moving images can illuminate the structures and rhythms of our lives; he is forever looking for hidden meaning in randomness and patterns in chaos.

His films and videos are propositions for alternate dimensions: What if time ran backwards? What if everything in the world doubled in size overnight? What if banal thoughts recurred to us at quantifiable intervals? Cockburn playfully puts language under the microscope: not only the many spoken and written words that wind their way through his work but the vocabulary of cinema itself.

Rocket Man, (Ca 2002, 5 min)
Metronomo, (Ca 2002, 11 min)
WEAKEND, (Ca 2003, 7 min)
The Impostor (hello goodbye), (Ca 2003, 9 min)
Nocturnal Doubling, (Ca 2004, 4 min)
Stupid Coalescing Becomers, (Ca 2003, 3 min)
The Bad Idea Reunion, (Ca 2011, 5 min)
Material, (Ca 2011, 11 min)






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