0.0146 Seconds

Participatory performance by Julia Janssen

3 November 2023
13:00 — 22:00

Location: Het Huis Foyer

If you visit Daily Mail Online and click on “got it”, you allow them to share your personal information with 835 other companies! With a single click, you have accepted 835 privacy policies. Informed consent is supposed to be a cornerstone of online personal data collection. But this is an illusion, of course, because it would mean that we would all need to read massive legal texts. We are being nudged to simply click on “agree” and most of us do. So, what are we actually consenting to? Julia Janssen collected all 835 privacy policies and published them in her book One Click, a collection of terms and conditions defining your privacy, which you agree to in the time it takes to make one click: 0.0146 seconds. Compare that with the 300 hours it would take you to read the entire book, let alone understand it. That’s quite a gap. 0.0146 Seconds is a collective performance. Janssen takes the performance set-up to various events, inviting people to read from her book for twelve minutes, while she is recording them. The project is finished when the entire book has been recorded.

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