15 October 2009
21:00 — 23:00

Location: Theater Kikker
10/9 Euro
Main Hall

“I have something more cosmic in mind. It’s a warpage of time and it’s bliss
for everyone.”    – Monster Magnet


Time has this strange quality: it must be paced by events for us to be able to orient ourselves with it. This seems so natural that we don’t even regard our temporal relation to events as something that dictates how we structure meaning and position ourselves in this world, thinking instead of the space- time continuum as an ideal outside reality, unless – of course – the temporal orientation process is dismantled or overthrown in some way. The performances in this programme disrupt the structure, the pattern of time. Using analogue instruments, including 16mm projectors, these artists generate a variety of sensory manipulations, drawing and reflecting on psychological and phenomenological effects of speed, motion and repetition. On one level or another some disruption or displacement of conscious processes occurs, lapsing into unconscious and visceral sensations; a recirculation of orientation and perception. Time is collapsed – leaving us dazzled, between shimmer and bliss.

21:00 Guy Sherwin
A key figure in British avantgarde cinema, Guy Sherwin (United Kingdom) pushes the limits of cinema with his films, installation works and performances, in which he explores film’s fundamental properties: light and time. Since the 1970s he has been working on a series of studies on the illusion of movement and stasis experienced during train travel. For IMPAKT, he will present a selection of his ‘train films’ in the form of an expanded film performance.

21:45 Dirk de Bruyn + Joel Stern
In his work, filmmaker and media artist Dirk de Bruyn (The Netherlands/Australia) deals with the disorientating and traumatic experience of media saturated environments. He has made numerous experimental, documentary and animation films and videos and interactive work over the last 30 years. His performance LanterNfanten for three projectors creates an absorbing space where time is disturbed and compressed as a kind of personal research on bodily trauma and cultural displacement, employing hand drawn, afterimage, single frame and flicker work. It will be accompanied by a live soundtrack from Brisbane based composer Joel Stern (Australia), merging music concrète, art brut and noise.

22:30 Core of the Coalman
Core of the Coalman is one of the alter egos of composer and visual artist Jorge Boehringer (USA), a project in the musical no man’s land between power electronics, noise and contemporary classical music. With violin, his voice and electronics he builds sonic architectures hovering on the edge between chaos and order. Slow in form but powered and etched by sunshine continually, in the spirit of biting the hand that feeds one, Core of the Coalman is “dyspeptic subtended prescient lacuna”. He has collaborated with a spastic mash-up of the experimental music community and the international avant-garde, including Yellow Swans, Grouper and Pauline Oliveros.

23:15 Bruce Mcclure
A film projector is not only a source of light but also of sound. Nobody understands this better than Bruce McClure (USA) who with his immersive performances for multiple projectors creates a pure sensory game of pulsating rhythms and shadows, well beyond the borders of cinematographic time and space. McClure, an architect by training, “crossed over into the realm of the proto-cinematic as a consequence of trying to represent the beat of a metronome in time with the ultimate goal of laying down a line equal to the circumference of the earth at the equator. By recording the tempo and duration of his markings on paper he could calculate the distance travelled and what remained to complete a circumnavigation of the planet.” For IMPAKT he has prepared a unique two-hour performance, which is sure to provide a hypnotic and overwhelming experience.



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