Jasper Griepink - Enter the grove

Music and story-telling performance

29 October 2020
21:30 — 22:30

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Performance //

Enter the imaginary grove of Jasper Griepink, and let yourself be carried away by immersive storytelling experience of the tale D E E P S O I L, supported by the music project S T O N E O R G Y – the recent musical collaboration between Griepink and Giek_1. 

As a hybrid between a nature priest and a sassy musician, Griepink guides us on a journey through the world of his imagination: a place where our feelings, imagination, breath and attentive ears all contribute to generate reality. S T O N E O R G Y stems from Griepink’s fascination for paganism, the Celtic religion Druidry and the power of storytelling. In the performance, the atmosphere of a music-gig interlaces with the telling of a seemingly ancient world of the story of
D E E P S O I L. This tale speaks of a subterranean layer of earth, minerals and nutrients that are said to have a consciousness of their own. The story was never finished on paper and will come to live in the performance. There will be dancing, jumping, sounds and singing, while listening to the narrative that is unfolding around us.

You can also experience the D E E P S O I L tale as part of the installation Saga Centre in the festival exhibition Dreaming in Everywhen.


Photo: Hanneke Wetzer

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