Curated by Miranda Mungai

4 November 2023
13:45 — 15:00

Location: Het Huis The Attic

Data Points, the third Screening and discussion, looks at the governmental and public institutions that are increasingly turning to algorithms. We will address our status as data points, and consider how we might reclaim our humanity in political discourse and decision-making. 

Participants: Gwen van Eijk (NL), Renske Leijten (NL)
Moderated by: Miranda Mungai (UK)

The session begins with a screening of 3 Dialogues About the Future (Alina Manolache, 2022), a short documentary in which three pairs of robots take us through their learning process, revealing the limitations of their algorithmic visions. 

After the film we will be talking with Gwen van Eijk, researcher and Policy Officer Technology and Human Rights at Amnesty International Netherlands, and Renske Leijten, former member of the Dutch parliament for the Socialist Party. We will examine the use of algorithms in the public sector, taking as our starting point Amnesty’s recent report on algorithmic bias, titled Xenophobic Machines

This series of three Screening and discussion events examines our networked society through the lens of three themes: community, categorisation and commodification. Each event explores one of these interconnected themes through the screening of a short film followed by a discussion. Together, we will examine the increasingly opaque ways in which our data is being used. In the communal, non-hierarchical discussion that follows each screening, we will try to re-imagine our world of data as a world of possibility, and begin to understand how we might reclaim our digital agency.

The short films are our tools and departure points for these discussions. We will think through each film collectively, and consider the themes and possibilities it presents.


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