Curated by Miranda Mungai

2 November 2023
13:45 — 15:00

Location: Het Huis The Attic

Players, the first Screening and discussion, focuses on community. We will examine our individual and collective engagement with video games, and how the gamification of our work and leisure presents an obstacle to community building. We will also look at the potential of using alternative video games to reclaim digital agency at the interpersonal level. 

Participants: v buckenham, Sjef van Beers (NL),
Moderated by: Miranda Mungai (UK)

We will start this session with a viewing of A Wider Screen (Joe Hunting, 2019), a short VR documentary exploring how virtual embodiment affects the way we socialise, love and express ourselves. 

Stay with us afterwards for a discussion with game artists v buckenham and Sjef van Beers about virtual sociality and what we can learn from alternative gaming cultures. Buckenham’s practice combines a playful attitude to sociality with an accessible methodology for alternative game building. Van Beers’ recent research project Gamer Keyboard Wallpiece #1 considers the toxic gaming cultures that have developed in the wake of the GamerGate online harassment campaign, and the new modes of sociality that have emerged to counter this phenomenon.

This series of three Screening and discussion events examines our networked society through the lens of three themes: community, categorisation and commodification. Each event explores one of these interconnected themes through the screening of a short film followed by a discussion. Together, we will examine the increasingly opaque ways in which our data is being used. In the communal, non-hierarchical discussion that follows each screening, we will try to re-imagine our world of data as a world of possibility, and begin to understand how we might reclaim our digital agency.

The short films are our tools and departure points for these discussions. We will think through each film collectively, and consider the themes and possibilities it presents.


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