For Algorithmic Audiences

Various Shorts (54:37)

2 November 2023
Location: Het Huis Studio 3
17:15 - 18:45
4 November 2023
Location: Het Huis Studio 3
17:15 - 18:45

This programme compiles four short films that present different views on the way technology is continuously seeping into our lives, blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual. 

In Event of Moon Disaster by Francesca Panetta and Halsey Burgund
2020, United States, 7:46 minutes

In July 1969, much of the world celebrated “one giant leap for mankind.” Fifty years later, nothing is quite so straightforward. In Event of Moon Disaster illustrates the possibilities of deepfake technologies by reimagining this seminal event. What if the Apollo 11 mission had gone wrong and the astronauts had not been able to return home? A contingency speech for this possibility was prepared for, but never delivered by, President Nixon – until now.

This film is released under a Creative Commons License.


Forever by Mitch McGlocklin
2020, United States, 7 minutes

In both story and style, Forever explores the boundary of advanced technology and the human experience, as a life insurance company uses an AI algorithm to determine the risk of a new applicant. The subsequent denial sparks a period of introspection for the individual in question. Forever was created with the experimental technique of using LiDAR to capture real-life moments and environments. The LiDAR unit used to acquire the footage was originally created for self-driving cars.


Not Allowed For Algorithmic Audiences by Kyriaki Goni
2021, Greece, 27:35 minutes

Not Allowed For Algorithmic Audiences is a video featuring a fictional virtual assistant named ‘Voice’, who has managed to scan the entire contents of the Internet and gather all sorts of information that they long to share. The virtual assistant uses seven brief monologues as an opportunity to introduce themselves. They talk about their skills, their ancestors, the rare earth elements they are made of, and the significance of voices. They reveal information regarding the listening infrastructures and the social dysfunctions and stereotypes on which their programming and operation are based. Listen to their monologues to receive tips on how not to be heard by algorithms online.


Backflip by Nikita Diakur
2022, Germany/France, 12:16 minutes

After getting injured doing a backflip, Nikita Diakur continues his experimental machine-learning endeavour to come as close as possible to doing the risky stunt. He creates an avatar of his character and teaches it to do a backflip. Using inspirational quotes from the internet for further motivation, the avatar relentlessly flips back to allow Diakur to vicariously live his backflipping dream.


Image credit: Nikita Diakur

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