Forest for the Trees

1 November 2019
Location: Het Huis Theatre Hall
13:15 - 14:30
Location: Het Huis Studio 3
18:15 - 19:30

In tandem with Deep Unlearning, this film and video series explores sound, voices and cultural deprogramming and relearning. Natural soundscape environments, androgynous digitalized command voices, holistic audiovisual narratives and eschatology, interspersed with a dance of interstellar bacterial distribution are all brought together through rhythm, relaxation and rocket science.


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Broersen & Lukács (artist present), Forest on Location, (NL 2019, 12min)
Jenna Sutela, Holobiont, (DE 2018, 10 min)
Agnes Momirski, Vala, (SI/NL 2017, 14 min)
Joy Buolamwini, AI, Ain’t I a Woman, (US 2018, 3 min)
Kathy High (artist present), Fecal Matters, (US 2015, 13 min)
belit sağ, What remains, (NL/TU 2018, 7 min)

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