Jailbreak Programme 1

Jailbreaking is defined as the process of overriding software limitations in computer systems, and gaining root file access in smart phones and tablet devices in order to execute modifications and install third-party components. The term stands for the shift from user as consumer to user as a more active producer and operator of information. Looking at the history of radio and television, jailbreaking recalls works of art and media activism that examined the media of the “analogue” age, and were also aimed at appropriating and breaking the hierarchical relationship between sender and receiver inherent in electronic mass communication. Jailbreak combines historical and contemporary works of video art, experimental and corporate film. By taking the new culture of computer software privilege escalation as a background metaphor, the two programs reflect on the potentials and limits of reciprocity in our information and media driven society.

Starting with early television and computer technology, Jailbreak #1 looks at the realities behind the production of media content. Artistic experiments with interactivity and interventions into the “tele mainstream” are contrasted by the industry’s praise of social progress through technical advancement in the heyday of the 20th century.

Radio Corporation of America, RCA Presentation: Television, (USA 1939, 9 min)
Ferdinand Khittl, Das magische Band, (West-Germany 1959, 21 min)
Stan Vanderbeek, Poemfield No. 2, (USA 1971, 6 min)
Jaime Davidovich, QUBE Project, (USA 1980, 10:30 min)
Kristin Lucas, Cable Xcess, (USA 1996, 5 min)
Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai, Satellite, As Long As It Is Aiming At The Sky, (NL 2010, 29 min)

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