25 October 2012
15:00 — 17:30

Location: Theater Kikker
5,00 / Free

Karaoke Americas (Talk)
“American pop culture – Hollywood cinema, television, pop music – dominates the rest of the world through its hegemonic presence. Does that make everyone a hybridized American, or do these elements find mediation within the other cultures that consume them?” Jaap Kooijman, senior lecturer of Media and Culture studies at Amsterdam University speaks about Americanization, cultural identity, intertextuality and possibility of a karaoke futurism! as global cultures mediate, reproduce and translate the western elements, inventing their own “Americas”?

Different Moderns, Local Translations (Screening program)
In Indonesia, pirated DVDs are big business and production glitches are prevalent as films translate from the Western into the Indonesian context. Deasy Elsara and Mahardhi- ka Yudha from he OK. Video festival and The ruangrupa artists initiative (Jakarta) show a selection of Indo- nesian video works based on visual piracy that reobserve the relation between Western and local media technology, purposefully mixing up local and global visual codes. A new wave of ‘awkward’ Indonesian video is emerging using piracy tactics and technological manipulation.

Bilal – bagasworo Aryaningtyas (Indonesia 2006, 04:00 min)

Picnic Kit – Ari Dina (Indonesia 2007, 07:00 min)

Sinema Elektronik – Anggun Priambodo (Indonesia 2009, 04:00 min)

Philosopher Football 3 – Ade Darmawan (Indonesia 2011, 10:00 min)

Fantastic Loop – Henry Foundation (Indonesia 2010, 08:12 min)

Horny Ride – Reza Afisina (Indonesia 2009, 03:00 min)

Just Do It – Andry Moch (Indonesia 2005, 10:00 min)

One Evening at NY Gentleman’s Club – M.R. Adytama Pranada (Indonesia 2010, 03:00 min)

Vertical Horizon – Wok the Rock (Indonesia 2011, 09:00 min)

Jalan Tak Ada Ujung / The Endless Steps – Maulana ‘Adel’ Pasha (Indonesia 2006, 07:00 min)

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