Living Roots

30 October 2020
16:30 — 17:45

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Screening //

Millions of hectares of forests are lost every year. The well-known consequences include: increased greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity, unbalanced water cycle and erosion. Living Roots is about the complex relationship between humans and the forest. The programme takes us to virtual landscapes, virgin forests, activist treehouses and a future underworld. Each of the four films give us a different perspective on these unique ecosystems. 

Ben Rivers, Look Then Below (United Kingdom – 2019 – duration 22 min)

PLATEAURESIDUE, Sub Persona (Slovenia – 2019 – duration 20 min)

Paolo Patelli, The Forest Underneath (Italy – 2019 – duration 20 min)

Broersen & Lukács, Establishing Eden (Netherlands – 2016 – duration 10 min)


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