Looking inwards - Palestine | Israel

Replacement programme for Dark Wolves

3 November 2023
15:30 — 16:45

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

In light of the recent escalation in violence in Palestine and Israel, we have decided not to hold the originally planned panel discussion on surveillance in Palestine. Instead, we will present a programme of short films concerning this issue.

My camera focuses on the ruins of the camp, the people and the houses. My gaze is turned inwards, towards me, towards us, towards the darkness.” 

These words, written by Israeli filmmaker Anat Even, describe her artistic ambition for the short film “Saturday in Jenin” (2002), which features in this short film programme. I stumbled upon Even’s quote as I was trying to decipher and articulate what this curatorial endeavour should achieve.

In the darkness and despair looming over the horrific events of October 7th and what has followed, meaning seems to have evaporated. The scope of tragedy and pain, the loss of so many lives that cannot be grasped, deems every attempt to explain this reality as futile. How and where do you begin to understand the core of this violence? 

Inspired by Even’s inwards gaze, in this short film programme, I chose to start by observing from within, from my country of origin, Israel, to the way Israeli filmmakers have documented and observed the years-long occupation of Palestine by Israel; to the stories emerging from ruins, pain and suffering that we, as a society, have inflicted on others. Especially when the ground is burning,I wonder – can this moment be seized for reflection and discussion? Can these films guide us to rethink our collective moral responsibility, without diminishing our own agony?

In these short films, we frighteningly discover how history replicates itself in terrible loops—children playing between houses which have been bombarded and demolished, a sieged Palestinian describes to his Israeli friend the horrible mundaneness of war, former soldiers recount the Israeli military tactics of control they were complicit in. These films were made over the course of the last few decades, yet they equally represent this current moment – an ongoing perpetual tragedy of oppression, leading to more and more bloodshed.

The programme concludes with the short film “The Urgent Call of Palestine”(1973), which had been previously seized by the Israeli military in Lebanon. The film documents Egyptian singer Zeinab Shaath performing the evocative title song. We hope these words will carry our solidarity with Palestine and the ambition for peace and safety for all people in this region.

The ticket sale for this event will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.


Testimonial by a 19-year-old from Kibbutz Be’eri, Or-ly Barlev, Israel, 2023, 9 minutes
Details 5-10, Avi Mograbi, Israel, 2005, 13 minutes
Saturday in Jenin, Anat Even, Israel, 2002, 3 minutes
Susya, Dani Rosenberg & Yoav Gross, Israel, 2011, 15 minutes
Mission Hebron, Rona Segal, Israel, 2020, 22 minutes
The Urgent Call of Palestine*, Ismael Shammout, Lebanon, 1973, 5 minutes

*The film was seized by the Israeli army from the PLO in Beirut in 1982. It was uncovered by Rona Sela and was exposed- with the creators’ permission- in her film ‘Looted and Hidden’. 

Short film programme curated by Niv Fux

Assisting in the curatorial work: Daniela Tenenbaum & Anat Even 


A Statement from IMPAKT: IMPAKT stands against the killing of innocent civilians, the deprivation of basic human needs and the violation of human rights. We call for an immediate ceasefire. Please help this cause by signing Amnesty International’s petition to urge world leaders to call for an immediate ceasefire and end the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, or consider donating to Medical Aid for Palestinians.



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