Making Kin

30 October 2020
12:30 — 13:30

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Screening //

In a time of climate crisis, Rory Pilgrim’s beautiful film The Undercurrent, winner of the Prix de Rome 2019, reflects on the importance of relationships, self-care, identity, home and kinship. It shows how the intimate and personal play a significant role in dealing with a daunting future.

In addition to the screening, don’t miss the interview with Rory Pilgrim on IMPAKT TV, Friday 30 October from 13:30 h!

The Undercurrent

Rory Pilgrim
United Kingdom – 2019
Video – duration 52 min

The Undercurrent asks how to deal with such an overwhelmingly global issue on a deeply intimate and personal scale. The film takes us into the world of a group of youth activists from Boise, Idaho. Initially, climate change appears to be the most important theme, but gradually it becomes clear that the young people have other problems too. Some are fighting against gender inequality, others against their parents’ lack of understanding, and still others have become homeless. In this way, the film is hinting at a subtle connection between the earth that needs attention and protection, and the young people who need a home for intimacy, security and their future.


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