Part of Memories of Displacement

A Defense

Aylin Kuryel

Turkey/The Netherlands 2021, 16 minutes

In January 2016, a petition signed by hundreds of Turkish academics was published under the title We Will Not Be a Party to This Crime, asking the state to put an end to violence inflicted upon Kurdish people. Academics for Peace have been criminalised and put on trial with the charge of terrorist propaganda. A Defense portrays one of the Academics for Peace while preparing for her upcoming appearance in court in 2019. She stages a psychodrama at her home in Istanbul, in which a single person embodies the state, the judge, the academic and the cook. “It’s a self-portrait on the violence and absurdity of the ways in which the state sneaks into the house of an academic, forcing her to adjust her words, body and gestures.” (Aylin Kuryel) 


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