Part of Memories of Displacement

First in first out

Zacharias Zitouni

Germany/Algeria 2019, 26 minutes

“It’s just gone?” asks Zacharias Zitouni. “Just all gone”, his Algerian-born father, Mustapha, replies. But the family doesn’t forget the traumatising events that are burned into the memory of his German-born mother, Christiane: her husband’s arrest, imprisonment and deportation from Hamburg to Algeria in the 1990s. It took years before Mustapha returned to Germany. Now he works as a cook for an inflight catering service in the airport of Hamburg, every once in a while preparing meals for deportation flights. Zacharias accompanies him at work with the same camera that Mustapha used for recording family holidays in Algeria. The father’s desire to conclude his past collides with the son’s post-migrant self-conception and curiosity, while the camera doesn’t always function – parts of the image freeze in abstraction.


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