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Thirza Jean Cuthand

Canada – 2018
Video – duration 13 min

Imagine you are in Canada in a not-so-distant future. Climate change, wars, pollution, and the after-effects of the large-scale colonial project have destroyed the land. The privileged white settlers have left for Mars. This is the set for Reclamation: a documentary-style, post-dystopic film with a hopeful twist: when the indigenous people are left behind, they try to restore and rehabilitate their beautiful planet.

“Reclamation” is a documentary-style imagining of a post-dystopic future in Canada after massive climate change, wars, pollution, and the after effects of the large scale colonial project which has now destroyed the land. When Indigenous people are left behind after a massive exodus by primarily privileged white settlers who have moved to Mars, the original inhabitants of this land cope by trying to restore and rehabilitate the beautiful planet they belong to.


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