25 October 2012

Location: Theater Kikker
8,00 (Discount 7,00)

Mediengruppe Bitnik enters into an amusing dialogue with the invisibly omnipresent, permanent surveillance system. By hacking the camera system at a tube station in London right before the Olympic Games they were able to enter into a strategic game of Surveillance Chess with security.

Human drives are confessed in Linda Franke’s hypnotic Can’t Stop which she created during her Impakt residency after delving into the bizarre world of online confessions. Strange thoughts we have all, at one time or another, entertained alternate with grotesque fantasies which blow up beyond proportion the embarrassment and discomfort.

The crime of passion as the strange extreme of lust and dark impulses appeals to everyone’s imagination. In Say, Say, Say (Lasse Passage feat. Johanne Birkeland) Lars Åndheim outlines the bitter-sweet fairytale of a real ‘amour fou’.

Lernert & Sander videos are often technical extravaganzas that, more or less explicitly, create excitement. In Elektrotechnique, the music video for Dutch artists de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, viewers are treated to mechanical skills that would only elicit Freudian comment from a truly perverted mind.

The nickname ‘erotic capital of the world’ is one that has to be earned. Jacobine van Hellemond visited Casa Rosso in Amsterdam and filmed behind the stage screens of this nightclub.

Daniel Silvo redefines the recognisable image of the cowboy with a slightly uneasy take on the usual films in Black & White Horses.

Matthijs Vlot is responsible for one of this year’s biggest internet hits with his collage of Hollywood film excerpts set to Lionel Richie’s epic Hello. At the Impakt Festival we are looking forward to the world premiere of a new work which continues his game with mass media.

A preview of the new music video from notorious New York noise punk trio Black Dice whose DIY clips seem to have no ambition other than perhaps accidentally causing psychosis.

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