28 October 2012
13:00 — 15:00

Location: Theater Kikker

On Culturele Zondag [national ‘Cultural Sundays’ event] Jong, Jonger, Jongst present The Young Ones at Theater Kikker. A surprising, diverse programme consisting of young makers, recently graduated artists, local talent and other (still) well kept secrets.

How do young artists deal with the almost unlimited options being an artist offers? This is far from easy and everyone you ask will have a different answer. This programme provides a platform for a number of young artists to show their work and explain what fascinates them.

It has always been hard for young people to find their niche in the world. In 2012, the secret weapons for teenagers consist of social media and YouTube. Eef Hilgers created a touching documentary for her graduation from the audio-visual arts department at St. Joost Breda about the exchange of personal videos, ‘Happy Nudge’ and the importance of like-minded YouTube users in her film Een Meisje, Jij Weet Zelf.

Iris Donker’s work combines her personal obsessions and the urge to escape from the everyday world with our shifting subconscious. Her graduation piece for the KABK Den Haag, De Subliminale Waarneming van het Raamloze Televisiestation (The Subliminal Observation of the Windowless Television Station) consists of material from her life and artistic practice over the past eight years with which she invites viewers to join her on a trip.

Dagelijks Brood by Thomas de Rijk illustrates an absurdist day in the life of a game nerd. His graduation piece for the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam demonstrates a strong sense of humour, pop aesthetics and … French loaf.

Writer and artist Jan Hoek creates portraits with a story. Jan’s method consists of seeking out people who are either very close or conversely very removed from him. His graduation work for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the film Me & My Models combines a series of intriguing portraits and the relationship he had with everyone he shot footage of.

Untitled (Ik kijk naar de film) plays out against the background of the Utrecht housing estate: Kanaleneiland. This artistic documentary is an outcome of Anna Okrasko’s participation at Expodium’s locatie:KANALENEILAND residency in 2011-12. The video incorporates a loose narrative: a story of the Tramp, the Ghost of a Former Inhabitant and the Artist sharing the same Flat, while the District goes through a gentrification process. The residents of the 1970s estate have to deal with vacancy, departure, demolition and renovation.
Through video narratives, sculptures and collages, Okrasko’s practice revolves around the question of addressing the problematics of the social. Her works combine the realms of film and contemporary urban spaces. She has been researching how to discuss issues associated with migration, social housing, gentrification, and surveillance by referencing and learning from different film genres and filmmakers.
In the Young Ones, a part of the video will be screened and introduced by Nikos Doulos (Expodium).

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