In Demarcation; A Description by R. Brothers, Kok&Deiman reveal the absurdity of a utopian vision by reworking the urban plan of a 19th century religious fanatic and presenting it in a surprising new context.

Sober traditions and dogmas are characteristic of the Reformed Church: the alternative to the exorbitant lifestyles of other Christians and unbelievers since the 16th century. Henk Otte’s Orde van Dienst provides a portrait.

Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma is a precisely executed ballet performed by a very quotidian utensil. Everything is under control until gravity gets the upper hand.

Pilvi Takala created an almost unnoticed three-day intervention at the European parliament in Brussels. In Broad Sense she challenges the security system which, ultimately, is still maintained by people.

In the online work Cunnilingus in North-Korea, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries provides the Great Leader with a voice and he makes a case for female pleasure and one of the principal preconditions for a healthy, communist society.