25 October 2012

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
8,00 (Discount 7,00)

Even the establishment is a temporary concept. The systems that keep the economy and society in one piece are challenged by other ideas or alternatives. Total anarchy or a new system, a serious explanation of the economic crisis or an absurdist fiction – this programme provides no answers whatsoever.

alva noto . uni acronym – Carsten Nicolai (Germany 2011, 06:30 min)
208 recognisable three letter words cascade across the screen. The foundations of our capitalist, technocratic society. From time to time, the voiceover throws a spanner in the works.

The Bull Laid Bear – Oliver Ressler, Zanny Begg (Austria 2012, 24:00 min)
The economic crisis and the collapsed banking system, but then clearly explained by a sceptical economist, in a bar.

Pigs – Black Dice  (USA 2011, 03:28 min)
The latest music video by the experimental noise punk trio Black Dice from New York, which is just as insane as the band’s prior video efforts. A familiar anarchist atmosphere permeated by DIY, blood and LSD.

Protest ohne Ästhetik und Form – Manfred Rainer, Pawel Szostak, Hannah Rosa Öllinger (Austria 2011, 14:40 min)
Anti-movement seeks new identity to definitively do away with the problems utopian protest entails.

The Turner Film Diaries – James T. Hong (USA 2012, 26:00 min)
A pseudo-educational film from an alternate future based on the controversial, extremely racist sci-fi novel The Turner Diaries.

Freedom Device – John Butler (UK 2011, 03:20 min)
Demonstration of a new hi-tech device that was specially designed to improve the controllability of democratic countries and other archaic social economies.

Polis – Erkka Nissinen (Finland 2012, 13:40 min)
‘Pig Shit Tit Ass Sailor’ is only one of Polis’ inhabitants who, just like politicians, porn actors and lost tourists, encounters unhealthy levels of threats, perversity and existential problems en route to total chaos.

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