A short story – Ibro Hasanovic (France 2011, 10:20 min)
A prophetic story – handed down from generation to generation – from former Eastern Bosnia about the start of a dramatic piece of global history.

Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama – Linda Chiu-han Lai 
(Hong kong 2012, 11:13 min)
A hypnotic, triple-screen video collage consisting of iconic images from cinema history, though not from Hollywood, but from Hong Kong instead.

Das Badezimmer – Bjørn Melhus
 (Germany 2011, , 05:15 min)
Alfred Hitchcock himself narrated the German trailer for Psycho (1960) with a heavy American accent as it transports viewers to a very specific country mansion. An ironic re-enactment of a preview of an iconic thriller.

And I will rise if only to hold you down – Jennifer Reeder 
(USA 2012, , 24:00 min)
Simultaneously theatrical and dry, this film tells a brief story about a family. Although it, at first, appears to abide by the rules it also has a dark, absurdist layer that we hardly ever see in Hollywood films.

Fwd: Update on My Life – Nicky Tavares 
(USA 2010, , 28:00 min)
Bittersweet portrait of a drastic development in the real and online life of a highly educated woman told in the shape of interviews, e-mails and the 3D World of a sim.