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One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean

Wang Yuyan

France 2020, 11 minutes 30 seconds

“The footage listed at the end of Wang Yuyan’s One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean will seem familiar to anyone who has idly traipsed through social media feeds, more often than not in a state of mental torpor. […] Offerings of visceral experiences, unknown pleasures and strange phenomena: all from the comfort of your own home. On one hand this offers a democratisation of experience, a chance to undergo encounters that would be previously denied through economic, social or practical means. But there’s always the suspicion that this presented experience is merely surface, gifting limited understanding and empathy: human endeavour and involvement limited to sharing superficial images through a screen. In her kaleidoscopic experimental film, Yuyan navigates these two spaces as she both eulogises and critiques a society which is drowning in an overload of information.” (Laurence Boyce)


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