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Remapping the Origins

Johannes Gierlinger

Austria 2018, 42 minutes

Remapping the Origins is an essay film on the city of Białystok in eastern Poland, a reflection on coming to terms with history and memory. Previously a revolutionary and pluralistic city, Białystok is the birthplace of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, the medical doctor famed for devising the constructed language Esperanto, and of the film pioneer Dziga Vertov. Anarchist communes emerged here during the Russian Revolution. Later the Nazis built a Jewish ghetto in the city. Johannes Gierlinger brings Białystok’s multifaceted legacy into the present day and face-to-face with contemporary social trends including the rise of the far right. It is a search for origins in one city that could be emblematic of many others, maybe of all of Europe – maybe of the future?


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