Rediscovering the Cinematic

Panorama Screening #1

Although the advent of film lies more than one hundred years behind us, the visual language of that period never ceases to amaze. The focus of this programme lies in the early-day means, techniques and ways to create the cinematic illusion of movement and suspense. A contemporary translation of the primitive elements of cinema. Food for film freaks.

Max Philipp Schmid, Das Gepsenst Des Glücks, (CH 2010, 10:22 min)
Björn Kämmerer, Gyre, (AUT 2010, 9 min)
Sebastian Buerkner, Album Matter, (UK 2010, 2 min)
Peter Tscherkassky, Coming Attractions, (AUT 2010, 25:10 min)
Fred WordenPossessed, (USA 2010, 9 min)
Mark Aerial Waller, Phantom Avantgarde, (UK 2010, video, 8:20 min)


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