Revisiting the Past

Panorama Screening #4

Reliving the past provides us with surprisingly new insights. We can only begin to understand the far-reaching events in history if they are converted into digestible bits and pieces. With precision, fantasy, romance and elegance, our history is held up to the light.


Penny Lane, The Voyagers, (USA 2010, 16:30 min)
Palesa Shongwe, Atrophy(SA 2010, 7:45 min)
Bjørn Melhus, I’m not the Enemy, (DE 2010, 12,50 min)
Anna Baumgart, Swieze Wisnie, (PL/NO 2010, 18 min)
Bojan Fajfric, Theta Rhythm, (NL 2010, 17 min)




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