28 October 2012

Location: Theater Kikker

China’s increasing economic involvement in broader Africa is one of the biggest current stories in the ongoing narrative of China’s rise as a world power. This program looks beyond the headlines to the more subtle exchanges of culture, language, and the everyday in a series of artist’s works and documentary shorts.

This screening program is combined with the talk Fake, Hack, Innovate, see below

Ghanaian Speaking Chinese – Wu- maame! TV (Ghana 2011, 01:09 min)
The irreverent Youtube channel “Wumaame! TV” presents a young Ghanaian man speaking Mandarin – and cracking up his friends in the process.

Coupé-Décalé Chinois: Selection of recent YouTube-clips Djo Ban Djo – “Dingue” music video (Comoren, 2004, 07:46)
Cargo Gin Bitters – Commercial (Ghana 2010, 00:33) A brief introduction to Cote d’Ivoire’s fusion of dance, music and social commentary known as the “Coupé- Décalé”, now adapted to reflect on the influx of Chinese immigrants.

Elmina – Doug Fishbone (Ghana 2011, trailer)
American artist Doug Fishbone inserts himself into an otherwise utterly local and mainstream Ghanaian feature film production – testing our preconceptions about cinema, fiction, and authenticity in the process.

Raiding Africa Film project (selection) Li Xia’s Salon – Omelga Mthiyane (South Africa/China 2011, 26:00 min)
Fire Fly – Caroline Kamya (Uganda/China 2011, 16:00 min)
Selected clips from the “Raiding Africa” project commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), in which seven filmmakers from South Africa, Cameroon, Ugan- da, Rwanda, Congo and Angola made short films in and around Beijing in the summer of 2010.

Applied Theories of Expanding Minds – Crystal Beacon (Kenya/Sweden 2011, 32:30 min)
A fanatic group of individuals in Kenya have a mission to create an alterna- tive to the existing society by letting the Earth’s magnetic fields run their lives. The film follows their rituals and ceremonies in a society that for a long time has been controlled by China.

(Live streaming from Uganda)

Digital media artist and designer An Xiao Mina streams in from a Ugandan hacker space to discuss the increasing prevalence of FAKE design, hacked products, the relations- hip between “Third World Hackers” and the Chinese Shanzhai culture, and how these may be the beginnings of a radical 21st century innovation.

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